This is Motherhood

“I’m Seraphina I’m from Tanga originally in a rural area but now I live in town. My family is this little baby here, Aisha. Aisha is the daughter of my sister but she died so now she is with me. I want people to understand this one thing, that family isn’t Mum and Dad or those that gave birth. But family is different things, it’s people that live together and you give each other love. You can build one family that way.
I want to improve my life for me and my child now. I want to give her a life of love, she is like my daughter, no different than if I gave birth to her because I love her so much. I want to give her everything in life. So all I can say is she is my child. We are a family.
When I first became a mum it was hard. I had not experienced any child birth and it was sudden, but over time I watched other women and took advice from other mothers and now it feels so normal. My biggest fear was if I was able to care for her. I was afraid that she may get sick, such a small baby is at risk of so many diseases. I gave her cow milk as that all I had and I quickly learnt it wasn’t good to give her. When I went to the hospital they told me about Pamoja Leo and the milk project and that nurse connected me to Abraham.
It gave me the ability not to worry about how to feed Aisha and that allowed me to focus on her more.
We face in life many challenges and this is a big challenge but my advice to others is don’t be afraid of challenges. Many people may discouraged me saying you are not able because you are single, you’re young, you don’t have a baby. But I didn’t care about those things I felt I was able and had a deep conviction that I was able to love her. I knew she needed a Mum that would love her and I was that person.
Her mother was my closest sibling. She was that sibling, that even though I had many she was the one I was so close to. I felt so much sadness when she passed away.
Everyone has their own heart and mine has always been for children so for me accepting or loving any child as my own is not a challenge for me. Even if this happens again, I could do it as I know that we can be a family that way. My advice for others if you know you can love a child then go for it, don’t be scared”
This is the face of motherhood.
We are a community that champions and supports women in their various struggles and journeys of motherhood.
Seraphina is a young single Mother whose journey to motherhood began after the passing of her sister. Seraphina now raises her daughter and Pamoja Leo is there to support her in that journey.