Family First

Familia Kwanza

Keeping children under 5 in families, preventing malnutrition, providing quality early childhood education and improving livelihoods of those that care for orphans and vulnerable children.


Formula Milk

Giving formula milk to babies whose mums have died and supporting them in a family to raise them. Preventing malnutrition and orphanhood
alternative care

Day Care

Free Montessori education centre for children 2-6. Providing food, health check-ups and counselling for children living in poverty who've lost their parents, living with HIV, or at risk of family separation


Skills training for vulnerable mums and those that care for orphans: vocational skills; business training; family planning and parenting classes to improve a families ability to thrive independently

Walking a journey to independence with stronger and safer families

A Family For Every Child

Making sure all children know the love of a family. Preventing, healing and addressing trauma that orphan and vulnerable children face


Getting Children Home

We help children living in orphanages to go home to a family. We train orphanages on reunification, adoption and fostering as well as work to trace and address the issues in biological families so children can return home safely

Transforming Orphanages

We advocate for better practices and educate communities about the impact of institutional care and the importance of family based care. We provide support, resources and promote best practices in the alternative care of children
foster care

Fit Person Program

We educate, recruit and support Fit Persons, the Tanzanian equivalent of a foster parent to care for children that are abused, abandoned or have no safe family to live with
ngo in tanzania

Tanzanian Child Services System (TCSS)

We developed the first of its kind case management system that monitors children in Orphanage Care in Tanga Region and equips social workers with the data and accountability to ensure that the laws are adhered to and children are safe. We work in collaboration with the social welfare department to use this system

Girls 4 Girls

Empowering Change
charity in tanga

Protecting girls

We educate school children and parents about child abuse and how to report and respond to it using practical conversation starters and promoting the child abuse hotline
ngo in tanga

School Outreach

We help teen Mums and vulnerable teenagers to continue with their education by sponsoring them to attend vocational training courses or providing school needs and counselling to orphans and vulnerable girls who are at risk of dropping out of school
charity in tanzania

Girls Group

Nurturing a group of peer educators who are orphaned and vulnerable children to be able to support other children in their community. Helping them to create aspiration, provide dance and beading classes and life skills education.