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We help mums no matter how they get their TITLE to raise orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable babies

SeraphinaAunty & Mum
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Seraphina is a young single Mother whose journey to motherhood began after the passing of her sister leaving behind Baby Aisha without a mother. Seraphina now raises her daughter, and Pamoja Leo is there to support her in that journey.

"When I went to the hospital they told me about Pamoja Leo and the milk project and that nurse connected me to Pamoja Leo. It gave me the ability not to worry about how to feed Aisha and that allowed me to focus on her."

Mama Jane
Mama JaneFoster Mum
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When Baby Arthur is found left in a rubbish skip near the local market, he was rushed to the hospital.

A referral from the hospital to The Baby Project at Pamoja Leo meant that one of our trained foster parents, Mama Jane was able to go and pick him up and provide him with the milk and love he needed.

Because of The Baby Project, Baby Arthur never had to enter an orphanage.



You will help mums, no matter how they get their name, to raise orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable babies in a loving family.


The most immediate need we have is to provide the formula milk the babies need so that they can remain in their families. Without the milk, the project cannot operate and the new mums cannot be confident their child will remain healthy.


The next step is to support the family with the provisions they need to take care of the new addition in their families. This includes materials such as bottles and flasks, as well as transport costs to attend The Baby Project sessions.

Baby Rebecca
Baby RebeccaAunty & Now Mum
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Mama Rebecca's raising her granddaughter as her after receiving milk from The Baby Project @Pamoja Leo.

This Grandma is a huge ambassador of the project and always reaches out to families if she hears a mum has died and let’s them know about The Baby Project and offers them comfort and advice!

From unwanted to very much wanted - simply with a bit of support in the first year of life.




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We always need more formula milk and support materials such as bottles & breast pumps to help their mums care fo these young babies. 

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