School Minibus
Minibus – £5,000
Minibus Maintenance fund – £1,500

Chicken coop – £200 (Funded & Finished)
Chickens – 20 hens and 2 roosters- £100 (Funded & Finished)
Starter food for chicken – £100 (Funded & Finished)
Book making project – £500
Baby formula for mothers who died in childbirth – £2,000
Sewing machines x 2 – £450
School kit fund – £500
Fabric for income generating projects – £500.
Clothing dye – £50

Playground Project: £1,000
Standing white board – £150
Digital cameras x5 – in kind (Update: 1 donated so far, thank you!)
Laptops x5 – in kind (Update: 3 donated so far and in use by the staff)
Montessori materials – £400
Bean bags and reading space material – £500

Gardening materials- £200
Rain water capture system – £750
Security/Alarm system – £400
Fridge – £70



Since we started our in-house early years’ school project we have realised that the children that attend really need an easier way of getting to the Center for their classes. This will be even more evident when we increase our intake from villages up to 45km away. We are working with the most vulnerable in the community so they certainly don’t have any spare money for transport! We know that ¾ of children will not attend when it rains and that on a sunny day we will be able to increase attendance by 20% with this service. The minibus will be put to immediate use, we even have the driver ready start! The bus has been identified but all we need is the money to buy it. If this is something you would like to help us achieve then please get in touch.


The laptops, cameras, playground, white board, bean bags and chairs all enhance the fun factor and comfort at the Centre


We are lucky to have such a large garden so we plan to make the most of it.
The rain water capture is a wonderful way to allow us to water the vegetable garden and keep emergency reserves.
The Security/Alarm system to keep us safe and our stuff protected.


The Girls Group – £2,000 is a project that has the potential to make a huge difference for a portion of the community that is very likely to be overlooked by support systems in Tanzania. We will be working with young women aged 12-18 by setting up a female only club to give them a sense of community, help with education and job preparation as well as have a lot of fun. We will give the group a budget to run a project that they want to be part of, perhaps start a women’s football team or a dance group, it is up to them.
The Book Making project – £500 is a duel income generating and historical preservation project. We are making Swahili language books for selling whilst persevering traditional stories and helping mamas learn to read.
[FUNDED & COMPLETED] The Chickens – £400 would give the visiting kids eggs to eat as well as an opportunity to sell them to make money for Pamoja Leo. Each of the 20 females should lay 1-2 eggs per day.
The Formula and School Kit fund – £2,500 is to be able to respond to emergency situations. Other regions in Tanzania have a project like this that helps families where the mother dies in child birth. It literally saves lives, as there are there aren’t any services like this in Tanga.