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The concept is to get 100 kids (<18 years old) to raise £100 though entrepreneurial activities. The goal is to raise a total of £10,000 that will go towards a Leadership & Entrepreneurial extra-curricular club for kids in Tanzania to work their way out of poverty. At the same time kids in the UK will learn the basics of business in order to do a social cause for the benefit of their peers in Tanzania. [x_gap size="1em"] We aim to work with kids from all over the world from the UK to the US and Cyprus to Israel, literally everywhere! Each kid will have their own profile on the site and share how they earned their £100. The project is all about creating a community of 100 kids working together to raise a large amount of money to make an impact on kids’ lives out here in Tanzania. Our motto is “So children can thrive”, so that is what we are aiming for! [/x_accordion_item][x_accordion_item title="HOW CAN YOU TAKE PART?” open=”true”]To take part all you need to do is click on the big red button above and send us an email stating you or someone you know would like to take part. We will then get back to you with lots more info!