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Pamoja Leo is our non-profit organisation based in Tanzania. It is run by Ed & Georgina and they are the people who implement the projects on the ground.
You can read more about Pamoja Leo & Together Today at our website:
Together Today is Pamoja Leo’s sister organisation based in the UK. Pamoja Leo means Together Today in Swahilli, the national language of Tanzania.

Together Today is a UK registered Charity (No, 1162710) with a UK Bank Account and is run by Ed & Georgina.

Phonetically Leo is pronounced “Lay-O”
If you want to donate directly to Pamoja Leo than you can make the payment on-line at Pamoja Leo’s secure web payment page. Be sure to tell us who the payment is from so we can say a big thank you.

You can also make monthly donations through this secure link. We accept all major cards and process payments through two gateways: PayPal or Stripe.

If the person who is donating the money is a British Tax Payer then we are eligible to receive Gift Aid from the British Government on your donation. All UK registered charities can reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer, effectively increasing the amount of the donation. If you agree to this on the donation page then Gift Aid means that the taxman will add 25p to every pound you give.

If you are a tax payer in the UK then please do tick the box on the donation page as 25% more funding will be a very significant amount of money.

However, if you are not a British Tax Payer then unfortunately we are not eligible to claim Gift Aid on your donation, so please do not tick the box on the donation page.

For more information please visit the HMRC Website here

Together Today is the official UK based charity that you will be donating your money to. Pamoja Leo is the sister organisation on the ground in Tanzania. Together Today only operates with Pamoja Leo and both organisations are headed up by Ed & Georgina as well as other members of the boards in the respective countries.
The programs are being managed by Ed & Georgina. As of January 2017 we will have a full time Social Worker and Teacher on staff. In April we also hope to be having Lisa join us from the American Peace Corps for a year long placement.
Yes, by giving us your e-mail address we will add you to our mailing list to receive updates on how the money your donated is being spent in Tanzania.

We aim to send out email every quarter to all of our donors. However you can follow us on Facebook for regular updates.

Yes. Together Today our UK organisation is a Registered Charity in the UK. Its Charity Number is 1162710.

Pamoja Leo in Tanzania is registered as a not-for profit organisation.

Ed & Georgina are unpaid volunteers and receive no financial incentive for doing what they do here in Tanzania.
Pamoja Leo requires a minimum of £1,000 per month to operate. This covers salaries, rent, bills and basic operational costs.

We also apply for grants to fund our one-off projects but unfortunately they do not always like to fund these basic needs that we have to keep our doors open.

For the first year of operation, Ed & Georgina spent their own money to get their projects up and running. Now, with help from our closest friends we are getting nearer to our final goal of covering all operational costs.

You can find them by clicking on the Resource Tab in the menu or clicking here

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