Millions of children in Tanzania don't have a voice.

They are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. They don't have a support system. They aren't given the chance to have a bright future.

Change is coming, but we need your help.

Will you join us?

Our movement needs leaders

We are looking for action takers to lend their voice, time and talent to help us ensure every child is seen, heard, and prioritised. We need strong leaders that are willing to speak-up and give children who are often silenced a voice.

Every child deserves the chance to be themselves, have a bright future, and feel the love of a family. 



Across Tanzania, thousands of children are trafficked into orphanages, separated from their families, or victimized by abuse and neglect, simply because they are poor and vulnerable.

At Pamoja Leo, we work to keep families together and empower families and children through education and training. We also work in conjunction with the government to bring children home from orphanages and hold institutions and traffickers accountable to the law.

We need your help as an Ambassador to raise awareness and fund action so that all children in Tanzania get the chance to experience the safety and love of a family they deserve.


Jes Dos Anjos

Living in Australia

Jes became an ambassador because she believes in the Pamoja Leo missions and wants to help children all around the world


Dotted across the world are our supporters. They believe in what we do and want to help in any way they can. ⁣ They are not just donors. ⁣ They are a collective voice. ⁣ They are action takers. ⁣ ⁣ They want to live in a world where all children are given the same opportunity to succeed; young girls are heard and prioritised; women are empowered to stand on their own; families are strengthened and not separated.

⁣They are social media buffs, motivated community leaders, families or individuals passionate about children's rights. They play a vital role in raising awareness and bringing their communities and workplaces together.

If you are moved by our mission and are passionate about using your time and talent to ensure every child grows up in a loving family, we want to hear from you. ⁣



The Ambassador programme involves a minimum 6-month commitment. Your role will be either advocacy, fundraising or both! Host an event, use your voice on social media, partner with a local school, create a unique fundraising campaign or promote an existing one. There are so many ways to be involved!

We want to hear how you want to be involved. Each person has their own voice, their own mission, their own expertise. Our team will tailor the programme to you and how you see yourself achieving success. We will there every step of the way, providing you with messaging and tips to empower you to reach your goal.

We are in this together!

Do you want to become an Ambassador?

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