This website and our organisation, wouldn’t have made it this far without the amazing help of these lovely people. We are very thankful to have worked with some very talented professionals to get Pamoja Leo off the ground.

You may not know it, but Pamoja means Together in Swahilli and Leo means Today. This page is an example that Together Today / Pamoja Leo we can achieve great things!

The Meaning of Pamoja is in Swahilli

Media & Marketing
Jenni Bush

Message From Jenni

“I wanted to help as I know what it is like to run a charity and I want to give whatever I can, be it time money or skills if I can help meet a need.”

Message From Pamoja Leo

Jenni created an incredible series of graphics that our Children’s rights charity can use to promote our work and cause. She was fast, worked exactly to the brief and produced work beyond our expectations. Thank you for engaging with us and for the brilliant work. Thank you Jenni!!

Logo/Graphic Designer
Paige-Violet Wilson-McPhillips


Message From Paige-Violet

The name is Paige-Violet and I am a freelance graphic designer who specialises in design communication. With a keen understanding in the Psychological reasoning behind Graphic design I dream of combining this knowledge with my skills, to make the world a prettier place. Graphic Design is proving itself to be a legitimate alternative having, in my belief, the potential to change society.

Message From Pamoja Leo

We found Paige-Violet on this amazing website called Pimp My Cause that connect not-for profits like ours with talented marketters. She has helped us for zero money to design all of our logos and icons on the site. She helped bring Pamoja Leo and Together Today to life. We are eternally grateful for for Paige-Violet Wilson-McPhillips for all her help and we look forward to working with you more in the future. Thank you Paige-Violet!!