How Do We Work?

We believe that in order for children to grow into the incredible people they can be, they need to be supported, listened to and provided opportunities to thrive.

We believe in supporting the vision of our community in Tanga, Tanzania, especially its young people. We work to maximise the potential inside every child so that they can be a positive and strong force of change in their community. We strive to ensure that children are heard, recognised and allowed to grow in safe and happy environments.

FAQ Pamoja Leo

The sad truth is that poverty is a strong force that can disrupt these things from happening. That’s why we feel it takes a targeted and a wider community effort to ensure these beliefs and ideas are possible for all children living in poverty.

We work to promote resilience through community activities, to support leadership and entrepreneurship as skills that will carry children far into adulthood and to ensure that the welfare and wellbeing of children is seen as central and valued.

We hope you will join us in ensuring that all children, especially those living in poverty or vulnerable situations, get a chance to be all they can be!

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul, than the way it treats its children…Nelson Mandela

Our Core Values

Everyone has something to say, be it through the work that they do, the words they say or the way that they live. It’s finding that and using it for the good of others and yourself that is the key to true success, regardless of your background.

Imagine a world where people lived out their potential. Imagine youth that were aware and excited about who they are and what they could do. Inside all of us are the tools we need to unlock creativity, inspiration and compassion.

The Symbol of Togetherness

Be inspired to learn and soak up knowledge
Find your medium – creativity unlocks the medium in which you can express yourself
A passionate person is a force to be reckoned with, we need skilled individuals to go out and inspire the next generation.

Who Runs Pamoja Leo?

Pamoja Leo was founded by Ed and Georgina Hill in 2014.

While they had always intended to start an organisation that worked to better the lives of children living in poverty, they had the age-old thought that they would do something about it “someday”, “one day when I’m older, richer and smarter”.

That all changed when they were taking a road trip through Tanzania in August 2014 and found two children abandoned in the street. This moment opened them up to the needs and, unfortunately, the failings of the Tanzanian social welfare system. It highlighted the constraints that poverty puts on the lives of young children and the urgent need to provide opportunities for children to thrive.

For Georgina and Ed, it didn’t matter whether they were older, richer or smarter. They knew they wanted to use their otherwise prime career years to build a charity that was committed to doing things right and impacting as many children’s lives as possible!

Their vision is of an organisation that respectfully communicates the needs of the poor, uses current research and best practice to inform their project design, respects diversity, ensures that children’s voices are heard and that they can thrive to be the game-changing, active and inspired generation of tomorrow!

Having traveled extensively, Georgina and Ed feel strongly that the world is made sweeter by its diversity and differences.

Georgina has a degree in International Development from LSE, she is currently undertaking a Masters in Development Education specializing in Children’s Rights from UCL and she has volunteered in NGOs around the world, from Singapore to Kenya. She is hugely passionate about education, children’s welfare and entrepreneurship. She is the ideas and enthusiasm of the organisation.

Ed spent his early career working as a project manager in the construction industry. He has a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science and an MSc in Project & Enterprise Management. Ed is the tech guy.

They both live in Tanzania and are the Volunteer On-site Directors.

Improving Education

Education is the most powerful tool for empowering and inspiring children. Knowledge is all around us – when we are inspired we can see and absorb it anywhere, when we are creative we are open and prepared to seek solutions to the unsolvable and develop ourselves and communities, when we are compassionate we can relate and communicate peacefully, seeing our common humanity and building strong relationships.

improving child welfare

We also believe that children is our next generation and it is through this belief that we work to ensure that children are not constrained by poverty but are free and able to have healthy and happy futures. This action-orientated approach includes mentorship opportunities and entrepreneurship promotion.